Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fruit salad

Some fruit taste sour when they're fresh, that's why some kids don't eat much fruit. but they need vitamins and minerals found in fruit, that's why I made this delicious fruit salad for my kids and they liked it very much and I'm happy because I won and gave them the vitamine dose :)

You need

A cup  of sliced strwberry
A cup of cherries or black grapes
Peeled and cut orange
Banana paste (just smash 3 ripped bananas)
Mango (if there)
4 tbsp sugar
Whipped cream


  • Mix strawberries with sugar and refregirate it in a bowl for 2 hrs
  • Smash bananas
  • Put a layer of strawberry in a glass bowl, then a layer of smashed banana then another layer of strawberry then a layer of sliced orange.
  • Pour the syrup left in strawberry bowl
  • Spray whipped cream
  • Decorate with cherries or grapes.

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